Thermo Fisher Scientific

Nautilus LIMS Version 8.0

Now installed with Data Manager, Thermo Scientific Nautilus can capture, archive and store both derived and raw instrument data, giving users instant access and manipulation of data without the original software.

FT-IR spectrometry educational software

Thermo Fisher Scientific has released basic educational packages for Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectrometers. The experiments are suitable for use in undergraduate, technical and scientific programs.

Galileo LIMS technical poster

Thermo Fisher Scientific has released a new technical poster demonstrating the use of its purpose-built Thermo Scientific Galileo LIMS to perform in vitro ADME/tox profiling.

Solution Finder

Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed a new interactive web-based tool designed to help customers make informed decisions regarding Thermo Scientific informatics software and provide focused content regarding their industry needs.

HCS/HCA Platform

Thermo Fisher Scientific has unveiled a series of advanced software modules to enhance the functionality of its HCS/HCA platform, including the introduction of a new informatics suite.

Thermo Scientific Darwin LIMS

Count on Thermo Scientific Darwin LIMS to support complex testing, workflows and regulatory requirements in pharmaceutical manufacturing R&D and QA/QC. Darwin is purpose-built to reduce risk and total cost of ownership.

GRAMS Suite 8.0

The GRAMS Suite provides an industry standard solution for the capture, processing, reporting and management of data from over 150 types of IR, UV-Vis, NMR and LC/GC-MS instruments.

Darmin LIMS Version 2.0

Thermo Fisher Scientific has updated its Darwin LIMS system, including the addition of environmental monitoring functions to minimise the need for configuration


ChromQuest from Thermo Fisher Scientific now provides integrated instrument control, digital data acquisition, chromatography data processing and reporting for the Thermo Scientific Accela High Speed LC.


Thermo Fisher Scientific has released version 8.0 of its LIMS system, Nautilus, which includes a number of improvements to make it more effective and easier to work with.


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