Application porting and code-optimization activities for European HPC systems

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Currently, the HPC community is actively working towards the development of next-generation HPC systems capable of delivering ExaFLOP performance. While these new HPC architectures open exciting opportunities to the computational scientific community, they also pose numerous challenges. Get interesting insights about current major large-scale application porting and code-optimization activities in Europe.

PRACE encourages industry

Robert Roe speaks with Lee Margetts, chair of PRACE’s industrial advisory committee, about its work to increase the engagement of industrial HPC users


PRACE (B-1201) will highlight results from its HPC systems, and promote the workshops organised by PRACE and partners. Visitors are invited to listen to a speech by the PRACE Managing Director, Serge Bogaerts, and receive a special gift. The PRACE Fact Sheets will be available, as well as the PRACE Annual Report 2016. The PRACE booth will feature again the popular short but in-depth presentations on the PRACE Peer Review process, PRACE Training, and PRACE for Industry.

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