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PRACE awards 2.45 billion core hours for research proposals

The 21st Call for Proposals for PRACE Project Access received 63 eligible proposals, of which 51 were awarded, totalling 2.45 billion core hours. This brings the total number of Project Access projects awarded since 2010 to 830.

The proposals awarded under the 21st Call are led by principal investigators from 16 different countries. International collaboration features strongly in awarded proposals, with participating teams involving collaborators coming from a wide range of countries across the world with collaborators in the countries that include the USA, Australia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

In addition to the computing resources, three awarded proposals will receive additional support from High-Level Support Teams (HLSTs) and two proposals that were not successful in securing resources under the 21st Call will still receive additional support from HLSTs.

Taking into account the three multi-year projects from the 19th Call, and the 13.3 million core hours reserved for Centres of Excellence, the total amount of computing time awarded by PRACE to date reaches approximately 28 billion core hours over this time period.

The newly awarded proposals represent six scientific domains: biochemistry, bioinformatics and life sciences, chemical sciences and materials, earth system sciences; engineering; the fundamental constituents of matter; and universe sciences.

The 21st Call for Proposals is the first call to include three systems that offer GPUs. In addition to Piz Daint at ETH Zurich/CSCS (Switzerland) and Marconi100 at CINECA (Italy), JUWELS Booster at GCS/JSC (Germany) also offers GPUs for this proposal call. Overall, the resources allocated under the 21st Call in GPU-based systems exceed 1 billion core hours, making this the largest allocation of time on GPU resources from PRACE to date.

Four projects are awarded under the now established “Industry Access Track”, which was introduced as part of the 19th Call. The “Industry Access Track” earmarks 10 per cent of the total resources for proposals with principal investigators from industry.

More information about the awarded projects can be found on the PRACE 21st Call for Proposals.


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