Platform Computing

Platform HPC Enterprise Edition

Platform Computing has launched Platform HPC Enterprise Edition, a comprehensive cluster management solution to help set up and use a cluster with more power and simplicity for technical application users

Platform Application Centre

Platform Computing has introduced the Platform Application Centre, a new product that enables HPC end users to submit and manage various HPC applications easily via a web-based portal interface

Platform GPU kits

Platform Computing has introduced GPU kits for its Platform Cluster Manager and Platform HPC Workgroup products, to support Nvidia's Cuda-enabled GPUs

Platform HPC Workgroup Manager

Platform Computing has introduced Platform HPC Workgroup Manager, a new channel-specific solution developed for organisations with workgroup and departmental-sized compute clusters

Platform HPC for ICE-Linux

Platform Computing has released Platform HPC for ICE-Linux, combining the power of platform computing with the multi-systems management of HP Insight Control suite for Linux

Virtual Computing Cluster

Platform Computing's Virtual Computing Cluster is a dynamic resource management solution combining Platform's VMO and VMware infrastructure

Platform HPC Academic

Platform Computing has launched Platform HPC Academic, a workload management product bundle enabling universities and research institutions to accelerate compute and data intensive applications, and manage cluster and grid systems


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