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Reducing Risk & Improving Synthesis Outcomes with SYNTHIA Retrosynthesis Software

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We’ve come a long way from the earliest days of synthesis planning. Though ambitions of alchemical transmutation from base elements such as lead, to precious metals such as gold, have long since passed, the modern chemist still labors over a different kind of bubbling cauldron – one of cheminformatics.

Enabling Digital Agility in the Lab: Why Lightweight IT Solutions are Needed to Achieve Data Independence

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Many laboratories today seem to fall into one of two extremes for data management: at one end, those that labor under complex, costly and customized IT infrastructures, such as LIMS or SDMS. At the other end are labs that still rely on pencil and paper notebooks, manual transcription, and basic Office tools. In this paper we will explore the need for new alternatives that support data integrity and interoperability with common scientific instruments, but with a low burden for IT installation.

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