White Papers

18 November 2015

This Infographic outlines some interesting details about the most prevalent compliance issues in pharmaceutical labs. With FDA and other inspections on the increase, it’s more important than ever for labs to ensure that processes are in place to facilitate compliance and reduce the risk of costly audit failures. Download this Infographic to understand more about the most common issues and how these can be addressed.

02 November 2015

The challenges in scale-out NAS include performance, reliability, and ease of management. While most NAS products scale to some degree, simultaneously achieving linear scalability, high performance, and high reliability with easy management is a challenge unmet by legacy architectures. There is a new approach with minimal compromises to address a breadth of technical computing requirements at scale

28 September 2015

In 2014, MedImmune challenged the norms of how an ELN should be implemented. Within an eight-month timeframe, deployment took place across three sites in their entirety, from early discovery to clinical manufacturing, and included all of R&D. This article highlights how the ELN project team effectively challenged the status quo of how an ELN is selected, deployed and implemented

14 July 2015

How do technical organizations advance their mathematical and engineering knowledge, turning that knowledge into commercially-profitable innovations? Is it possible to manage workflow efficiently, choosing the right tool to effectively fulfil the different needs of analysts, developers, and end-users? Maplesoft explains how engineering companies and scientific research laboratories worldwide are doing exactly that.

02 April 2015

From winter blizzards bearing down on the east coast of the United States, to floods in Argentina and droughts in Brazil, severe weather conditions can leave devastation in their wake. While the predictability – or seemingly lack thereof – of weather patterns is a headline-grabbing topic, great strides are being made to increase the fidelity and range of forecasts on both a local level and global scale