White Papers

01 November 2016

This eBook has been developed to give you a comprehensive resource when searching for the laboratory data management solutions that can help your business meet the most pressing business and regulatory challenges. Inside you’ll find expert commentary on how integrated informatics can help you meet ISO 17025 requirements or manage daily workflow and SOP compliance issues in the lab. You’ll also find case studies from some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, as well as technical product information and other supporting materials.

11 August 2016

Founded by world leaders in genome technology, cancer biology and medical oncology, Foundation Medicine is a cancer diagnostics company at the forefront of bringing comprehensive genomic analysis to routine cancer care.

10 August 2016

The best way to get insights out of your lab data is by rendering it visually, intuitively, and interactively. This is exactly what Advanced Analytics does.

22 July 2016

Modern engineering systems are complex and expensive to design, manufacture and maintain. Guy Johns, Lead Technologist at CFMS, explains why a through-lifecycle approach is needed.

14 July 2016

In this eBook, learn how engineering simulation software running on a well-managed clustered IT infrastructure has helped manufacturers and research scientists across a range of industries reduce development time and increase output. Featuring real-life examples from the fields of aerospace, automotive and materials science, the eBook explores how manufacturers large and small can cut costs by using affordable high-performance computing resources.