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The latest version of WinLIMS, from Quality Systems International (QSI), includes new tools that handle installation, configuration, and testing with no need for supplier visits.

The system will self-install both server and client software. If it finds that no SQL database engine exists, it automatically installs Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition; creates the necessary WinLIMS databases; and configures connectivity, so there is no need to purchase a separate database package. Tutorials covering all aspects of set-up and configuration use an internal test database to protect user data, and contain advice on how to optimise the system for individual user requirements.

Key aspects are condensed into easy-to-understand information sheets, so operators can quickly find the instructions they need without having to search through the very extensive user manuals. This software release also has a new look and feel, with the emphasis on simplicity, making screens and data requirements easier to understand.