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WhisperStation-PSC bundle

Microway, a supplier of high-end Linux clusters, servers, and data storage solutions, is now delivering to its WhisperStation customers an easy-to-use tool for rapidly solving scientific and engineering problems. The WhisperStation-PSC bundle integrates AccelerEyes' Jacket GPU computing software platform with the purchase of a WhisperStation workstation. This configuration allows users to tap the power and scalability of the Microway WhisperStation-PSC without having to become GPU computing experts. Microway clusters with Jacket HPC cluster licenses are also available.

AccelerEyes Jacket is a software platform that delivers GPU computing power to desktop users of Matlab. It enables faster prototyping and problem solving across a range of Matlab applications in government, manufacturing, energy, media, biomedical, financial, and scientific research. Jacket allows users to use state of the art GPU computing capabilities available in Microway's entire family of systems.

Customers that purchase the WhisperStation-PSC plus Jacket bundle receive all the necessary Microway hardware and a designated computer license of Jacket to develop, test, and deploy Matlab applications on two GPUs. The bundle features Nvidia Tesla and GTX GPUs, a fast Intel Core i7 CPU, 12GB memory, a 1TB disk drive, and Microway's expert integration and technical support. Full Jacket GPU support is delivered with both Linux and Windows OS.


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