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AccuSoft has released an enhanced version of its VisiQuest software. VisiQuest is a powerful solution that provides researchers, scientists, engineers, and educators with a faster way to reach discovery in the fields of data and image analysis. The new release features a toolbox with 60 additional functions for image registration and segmentation tasks, providing users with all the functionality they need to solve some of the most challenging imaging tasks. In addition, the company has lowered the pricing and created a new, bundled VisiQuest package.

Designed to save users significant time and effort by eliminating manual steps in image registration, the new toolbox provides a variety of functions or ‘glyphs’ that help solve the challenge of mapping data of a rotated image to a fixed image. The toolbox includes high performance glyphs for the registration framework components of interpolating, optimising and transforming pixel data points. Without needing to learn a proprietary programming language, users quickly develop solutions by simply dragging-and-dropping the glyphs into the visual programming environment.

While image segmentation is a challenging task, the new VisiQuest toolbox provides a comprehensive library of glyphs that can be used to develop a sophisticated application. Users can easily tune the parameters of a combination of glyphs in an intuitive visual environment to create different methods to select areas of interest within images. Multiple glyphs for functions such as edge detection and thresholding allow users to easily segment the image so that they can rapidly analyse data and get results.


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