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Virtual Instrumentation

National Instruments has released its newest virtual instrumentation tools for Linux operating systems, including NI-DAQmx 8 driver software and new instrument drivers for modular instruments.

Virtual instrumentation combines the NI LabVIEW software with open, cost-effective measurement and control hardware. Linux OS users now can use ANSI C or LabVIEW 8 to develop distributed systems using more than 200 NI devices for PCI, PCI Express and PXI, including data acquisition, signal conditioning, dynamic signal acquisition and switching hardware. Additional new NI instrument drivers for Linux OS deliver the flexibility and power of virtual instrumentation to more specialised modular instruments, such as digital multimeters, high-speed digitisers, arbitrary waveform generators and instrument control devices. National Instruments also now supports Linux installation for select PXI and VXI controllers.


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