Upgrades to XT6 and XT6m

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Cray has announced upgrades to its Cray XT supercomputer series. The high-end Cray XT6 supercomputer system, and its fully-compatible Cray XT6m midrange counterpart, will combine Cray's unmatched scalability and architecture with AMD's newest innovations in processing for high performance computing (HPC).

The compute blades in both the Cray XT6 and Cray XT6m systems feature four compute nodes designed for high scalability in a small footprint and can be configured with up to 96 processor cores per blade or more than 2,300 processor cores per cabinet. Each compute node is composed of two AMD Opteron 6100 Series processors (the eight and 12-core Maranello platform), each coupled with its own memory and dedicated Cray Seastar2+ interconnect. The compute nodes in the Cray XT6 and  Cray XT6m systems can also be configured with 32GB or 64GB DDR3 memory.