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Unicore 6

Unicore 6 is a software stack with extensible service-oriented architecture for grid computing. It is compliant to current Web service standards. It provides seamless and secure access to resources, with simple deployment and straightforward support for adding new applications.

It complies with the Oasis WSRF 1.2 and OGF JSDL 1.0 standards, provides pluggable file transfer mechanisms with the OGSA ByteIO standard as default and uses XFire as a lean, high-performance SOAP stack in conjunction with the Jetty 6 web server. In the security domain, authentication and authorisation are based on full X.509 certificates, SAML assertions and XACML 1.0 authorisation policies; pluggable extensions for proxy certificates and VO management are provided.

Unicore 6 is being jointly developed by an Intel Software and Solutions Group team in Bruehl, Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe in London, the University of Warsaw - ICM, CINECA in Bologna and Forschungszentrum Juelich under an open source BSD licence.


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