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TruckMaker 3.0

IPG Automotive has launched the TruckMaker 3.0 simulation software with expanded functionality and an intuitive user interface. TruckMaker 3.0 includes a comprehensive model library and features specifically for the simulation of commercial vehicles, including variable two- or multi-axle truck and trailer combinations, drawbar, centre or full trailer, fitted with single or twin tires, complex hitch systems, flexible truck and trailer bodies, braking models and all special suspension types such as the driving cabin suspension.

TruckMaker software provides proof of the functional requirements of the ESP in simulation, which is recommended in the ECE guideline 13/11 as an appropriate instrument for certification. The precise MBS models within TruckMaker have more than 50 degrees of freedom and can be combined in various configurations – they are capable of real-time performance and are valid up to the limits of driving dynamics.

The previously deployed models in CarMaker, for example IPGRoad, IPGTraffic, IPGDriver and the event based 'manoeuvre control' facility were fully utilised and enhanced with truck specific features. The IPGDriver model automatically adapts to the handling of large commercial vehicles and enables the reconstruction of complex test scenarios. All models are arranged in a structured and manageable way in terms of individual sub-assemblies and can be modified or exchanged for in-house models within Simulink and on a C code level.

Besides more traditional application areas like investigating the performance of driving dynamic simulations and the development of chassis control systems, TruckMaker also enables the simulation of adaptive driving assistance systems like adaptive cruise control, emergency brake or lane-keeping assistance. TruckMaker is valid from the concept definition using office  simulations, through to the HIL laboratory and large test rigs and on to the final production release.


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