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Tesla 10 series

This year at the International Supercomputing Conference, Nvidia, a leader in GPU technologies, introduced its second-generation platform, the Tesla 10 series computing solutions. Binary compatible and supporting the industry standard language of C, the new products enable developers to solve their computational challenges in a common and familiar development environment that moves easily from one generation to the next with no re-coding required.

The Tesla product family includes the Tesla S1070 1U computing system and the Tesla C1060 computing processor and delivers:

  • Up to 4 Teraflops per 1U system;
  • IEEE 754 arithmetic support;
  • 16 Gigabytes of memory per 1U system; and
  • A highly efficient computing environment

When combined with the CUDA C-language development software for parallel computing, the new Tesla products extend the reach of GPUs to any computationally intensive applications requiring double precision accuracy. To date, over 70 million CUDA enabled GPUs have been sold into the market and over 60,000 downloads of the C-compiler have been recorded through the community website. As a result, developers across a wide variety of fields including financial analysis, astrophysics and seismic imaging are using Nvidia’s CUDA development tools. These developers can exploit the GPU’s parallel computing architecture to automatically distribute computing work to hundreds of processor cores.


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