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Terascala partners with a global IT services and solutions provider

Terascala, the industry leader in HPC management software, has announced a partnership with a global  IT services and solutions provider, to expand its integrated support model that ensures system-wide high availability for HPC storage appliances. This third party organization is a leading contributor to open source Lustre and provides Terascala customers with an efficient Lustre escalation path.

Terascala is breaking new ground in support by embedding its TeraOS software in HPC appliances. TeraOS detects a wide range of data, performance, and reliability problems with hundreds of sensors across each appliance. Its phone-home capability sends a comprehensive health snapshot directly to support experts for triage and remediation. Terascala’s goal is to eliminate system downtime and optimize system performance by removing bottlenecks, balancing workloads, and providing insight into system problems. By contrast, unmanaged or roll-your-own HPC solutions have administrators sifting through dozens of logs to diagnose system problems and wasting days on the phone with support.

 “Terascala’s customer service utilized TeraOS to provide outstanding support for the entire storage appliance and has been a key component of our success with HiPerGator,” commented Dr. Erik Deumens, director of Research Computing for the University of Florida.  

 “It’s not enough to provide reactive help desk support for HPC systems that have thousands of potential failure points and can contain tens of petabytes of data,” declared Alan Swahn, Terascala's vice president of marketing. “To provide system-wide high availability and optimized performance, our embedded TeraOS management software continuously monitors, analyzes, and orchestrates problem resolution. Solutions range from delivering intelligence on applications, infrastructure, and components to pre-emptively emailing details to support for immediate action.”


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