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TADM Lab Analyzer

TADM Lab Analyzer, designed by Apartis, allows users to easily visualise TADM (Total Aspiration and Dispense Monitoring) curves, and new user-defined or pre-set guard bands and warning ranges live, per channel. STAR and STARlet technicians can now instantly and easily see TADM guard band violations from across the room, or check for any errors via user-defined automatic reporting or channel display upon return to the laboratory. Users are also able to quickly review or compare selected saved channel curves and data statistically or graphically, via barcode ID, method, pipetting step, liquid class, instrument S/N, date and/or time range, and much more. From comparisons and powerful built-in statistical tools, users can also self-optimise existing or user-defined guard bands and user defined warning bands and alarms.

TADM Lab Analyzer is ideal for IVD laboratories and other regulated settings, because it provides a traceable digital audit trail documenting that a sample has been transferred. TADM data supports chain of custody procedures by enabling the user to prove the legal integrity of all samples and data. This is especially important when samples may ultimately be introduced as evidence in a trial. TADM also enables well-by-well post-run analysis. TADM Lab Analyzer is applicable in any blood testing setting as well as in drug discovery target validation.


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