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The MathWorks has released a new version of SystemTest, its test management and analysis software for system verification and validation.

Engineers can now automatically distribute independent tests or simulation runs of Simulink models to multiple processors, without requiring manual coding, because SystemTest 2 works seamlessly with the Distributed Computing Toolbox, also from The MathWorks. The enhancements in SystemTest 2 reduce the time needed for testing, leading to faster production of high-quality system designs.

SystemTest 2 is especially useful for engineers who run multiple iterations of Simulink models. Previously, to use the computing power of multiprocessor environments, these engineers needed to hand-code scripts to distribute Simulink test cases to each processor, which is a time-intensive and error-prone process.

With SystemTest 2 and Distributed Computing Toolbox, users can automate the distribution of Simulink tests to up to four simultaneous Simulink sessions on one machine through a simple graphical user interface. Engineers who have Matlab Distributed Computing Engine can also take advantage of multiple processors in a computer cluster, using the same simple interface.


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