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Synect, dSPACE's data management and collaboration software for model-based development and ECU testing, adds functionality for signal and parameter management with a new module.

The module gives users the capability to manage signals, parameters and parameter sets centrally throughout the entire development process. This capability makes it easy to reuse data within the same team, and across teams, development stages and projects. Data can be managed not only for different versions, but also for the numerous variants that have to be handled in the development process.

The Synect Signal and Parameter Management module supports numerous file formats, so that signals and parameters can be exchanged and used with other tools in the development process. For example, Simulink users can now flexibly exchange parameters, signals, and parameter definitions between their algorithm or plant models and Synect.  

Users of TargetLink, the dSPACE production code generator, can exchange variables, scalings and type definitions between the file-based TargetLink Data Dictionary and Synect. Parameters for ECU calibration can be imported and exported in DCM and PAR files.


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