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Symyx Notebook 6.5

Accelrys has released Symyx Notebook 6.5, the latest version of its multi-disciplinary ELN, which delivers improvements supporting chemical process development, production scale-up, and administrative compliance in pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, agrochemical, and consumer products markets.

New features added to the notebook include rapid material property look-up and insertion using the Available Chemicals Directory sourcing database and the DiscoveryGate ChemSeek properties database. New units enable consistent, rapid calculations supporting the planning, recording, and scaling of synthetic routes for improved process efficiency. The latest release provides a single portal for accessing and re-using captured experimental procedures and data from most legacy Symyx notebooks - improving the quality of experiments by enabling multidisciplinary project teams to leverage prior experience. New document workflow and administrative auditing enhancements support enterprise notebook deployments and customer validation efforts in regulated environments. In addition, the latest version delivers a significant improvement in performance over previous versions of the software - substantially enhancing workflow efficiency in today’s modern distributed laboratory.


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