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Symyx Notebook 6.1

Symyx Technologies has released Symyx Notebook 6.1, supporting analytical chemistry and biology workflows.

This second major release of Symyx Notebook meets the needs of scientists for capturing, querying, and reporting on numerous experimental methods and data across the highly variable spectrum of experimentation encountered by analytical chemists and biologists.

Symyx Notebook 6.1 offers time savings along with improved data collection, security and compliance in an enterprise electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that is configurable to meet the needs of many scientific disciplines out-of-the-box in regulated and non-regulated environments. Chemists can draw and edit complex chemical structures with ease directly in their notebooks using Symyx Draw 3.1 software, which is embedded in Symyx Notebook. 

Flexible notebook templates and text searching support the rapid creation and querying of experimental write-ups for any audience. Scientists can quickly generate materials tables by entering data manually into Symyx Notebook, capturing data directly from lab balances, or taking advantage of Symyx Notebook’s auto-fill data population capability. 

Out-of-the-box integration with laboratory information management systems and data repositories such as Waters NuGenesis scientific data management system accelerate the transfer of analytical results into notebook documents while simultaneously reducing data transcription and omission errors. By augmenting experimental write-ups with hyperlinks to many related experiments, Symyx Notebook 6.1 makes it possible to trace the reuse of materials from one experiment to another and quickly identify experiments that have been referenced in colleagues’ work.

 Workflow tools in Symyx Notebook 6.1 streamline document reviews by automatically highlighting invalid or overridden data, out-of-range values, and required fields that lack data entries. R&D organisations can easily control read-and-write security at the template, section, or document level. Enterprise-level security, comprehensive versioning and 21CFR11-compliant electronic signatures and audit trails support good practices (GxP) compliance in both regulated and non-regulated environments.


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