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AnalystSoft has updated StatPlus:mac, a heavy-duty mathematical and statistical analysis suite for Mac users, by making the product easier to use and adding new types of graphics and calculations.

The updated statistical package is now available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian languages, and is offered at deep discounts to multiple license buyers and educational facilities. The new volume discounts are structured to make StatPlus:mac affordable during the current economic downturn, and make the cost of the powerful statistical package almost an order of magnitude lower than ever before.

StatPlus:mac has all the features from Microsoft Analysis Toolpak offered in Excel 2004. However, unlike Microsoft Analysis Toolpak, StatPlus:mac is available in Excel 2004 and 2008 while extending its functionality and bringing it to entirely new level. Unlike Microsoft Analysis Toolpak, StatPlus:mac offers its users dependable performance and accurate, repeatable results - exactly the way the much more expensive statistical packages such as SPSS do. The new release of StatPlus:mac adds more types of data analysis and processing as well as a number of brand-new graphs, including statistical charts and ever control charts like CUSUM and XBar chart, that are not available in Microsoft Excel and are hardly accessible in other statistical packages such as SPSS.


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