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Starlims Version 11

Starlims Version 11 LIMS software will be available worldwide in June 2013. Based on Abbott’s Starlims informatics technology, Version 11 will expand user functionality to include mobile-device applications, advanced analytics and HTML5 compatibility.  

These features will allow Starlims users to work on the 'right screen for the task' with an expanded platform to access LIMS information anywhere, says the company.    

Starlims is aimed at helping laboratories organise and analyse vast amounts of data across multiple industries, and the new version 11 software will enable every customer to develop cutting-edge apps for their operations. Apps will be offered out of the box and enable users to start up quickly.

In addition, version 11 software enables labs to take advantage of mobile devices to secure access to LIMS data anywhere and help make decisions faster. Starlims v11 software creates forms to run on alternative browsers and includes a single mobile application to support Starlims systems. The software enables users to access Starlims on Chrome, Safari and other alternative browsers to display LIMS information on tablet computers and smart phones.


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