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Competitive pressures - whether in research, defense, or commercial sectors - are demanding dramatic reductions in time-to-solution for critical problems. Computer models and algorithms of increasing complexity are needed to simulate whole products and multi-domain phenomena. Already, many problems require 10-100 times the computing power of a typical science/engineering desktop workstation, and cannot be solved without sophisticated high-performance computing (HPC) resources.

The Star-P open software platform delivers revolutionary results to scientists, engineers and analysts by enabling them to transparently use high performance computing resources, using familiar desktop tools. Star-P allows existing desktop simulation tools to operate interactively and automatically on high-performance computers and acts as a bridge between popular scientific and engineering desktop computing tools, such as MATLAB from The MathWorks, and the parallel computing power of high-performance computers.

Star-P is an interactive parallel computing platform that extends existing desktop simulation tools for simple, user-friendly parallel computing on a spectrum of computing architectures: SMP servers, multi-core servers, and clusters. Our customers are scientists, engineers and analysts who want to solve large and complex problems that can no longer be done productively on the desktop computer. By eliminating the re-programming associated with porting desktop application code to parallel systems, Star-P fundamentally transforms the workflow, substantially shortening the 'time to solution', and delivers the 'best of both worlds' - the interactive and familiar use of the desktop coupled with supercomputer-like problem-solving capabilities.


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