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Spectra Logic unveils StorCycle

Spectra Logic, a provider of data storage and data management solutions, has introduced StorCycle, a new storage management software solution designed for data-driven organisations that need a modern storage lifecycle management workflow. StorCycle allows organisations to create a new Perpetual Tier of storage, reducing the overall cost of storing data by up to 70 per cent, while giving users full access to their data. StorCycle can be implemented as standalone software using public cloud storage or existing network-attached storage or combined with Spectra storage hardware to create a complete storage solution.

Most organisations have large amounts of data that are growing exponentially and are critical to their businesses. Typically, most of this data is stored on an expensive Primary Tier of storage. However, up to 80 percent of this data is inactive, costing both space and money, and should be moved to more cost-effective storage. Spectra’s StorCycle software does just that.

'The well-proven two-tier paradigm for managing, manipulating and preserving data is upon us and propagating to markets beyond high-performance computing,' said Nathan Thompson, CEO of Spectra Logic. 'IT professionals know they can’t keep adding costly flash and disk drives to their storage architectures when capacities are maxed out. The storage industry hasn’t delivered the right tools that can easily and optimally manage data. StorCycle’s unique ability to scan and migrate inactive and project data from a costly Primary Tier of storage to a Perpetual Tier, consisting of less expensive storage targets, benefits data creators, IT professionals and organisations at large.'

Spectra’s StorCycle software was developed from the ground up to address the problem of managing and storing large data sets. StorCycle automatically scans primary storage data for inactive files and migrates them to a secure Perpetual Tier, which can include any combination of cloud storage, object storage disk, network-attached storage (NAS) and tape, ensuring the data is protected while making it easily available to end-users. A smaller primary storage tier shrinks backup and recovery windows, reduces costs and increases overall performance.

With StorCycle’s unique Project Archive feature, users can tag and move entire project data sets to a Perpetual Storage Tier. This allows the complete project to be accessed for further analysis, categorisation, and comparison, all while being securely preserved for as long as needed. This makes StorCycle ideal for preserving data in fields such as computational and seismic research, oil and gas studies, semiconductor designs, genomics, media and entertainment, weather forecasting, autonomous vehicle research, and other fields where large amounts of machine-generated data are created.

'While the concept of data lifecycle management has been around for years, StorCycle’s ability to identify infrequently accessed files or entire projects and seamlessly move them from the Primary Tier to the Perpetual Tier, makes StorCycle very relevant for today’s architectures that are overburdened with this data still residing on the most expensive tier of storage,' said Mark Peters, principal analyst and practice director with Enterprise Strategy Group. 'The fact that StorCycle leaves a user’s access to primary storage unchanged so they can retrieve their data in the same location as before, even though it has moved, is a very valuable feature.'


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