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Spectra Logic announces plans for LTO-7 Technology

Spectra Logic has announced it is now taking orders for Spectra tape libraries configured with Linear Tape-Open Generation 7 (LTO-7) technology. The combination of LTO-7, the industry-standard for tape technology, and Spectra tape libraries will result in the best storage density available per dollar.

The long anticipated announcement of LTO-7, issued this week, promises greater storage density and improved performance. Spectra customers, including those upgrading from an existing tape library, will realise incredible density and higher transfer rates, allowing them to consolidate their storage and reduce costs. 

“Spectra Logic consistently delivers the latest advancements in LTO technology. Today, as we announce plans to make LTO-7 available across the Spectra tape library product family, we continue our trusted legacy of helping customers leverage the advantages of tape technology and achieve greater capacity at lower cost,” said Matt Starr, chief technology officer, Spectra Logic. 

“With more than two times the capacity and nearly twice the speed of LTO-6, this new drive technology, paired with Spectra libraries, is intended to support storage administrators managing today’s enormous data growth. The combination will provide the best storage density per dollar on the market,” continued Starr. 

Once available, Spectra Logic will ship its entire tape library line, including TFinity and T950, with LTO-7 tape technology. Benefits to include:  

·       Reduction of existing footprint, with smaller tape count 

·       Greater native storage capacity, up to 6.0 TB 

·       Enhanced native data transfer rate, up to 300 MB/sec 

·       Performance increase, up to 88% compared to LTO-6

·       15 TB compressed capacity on every tape; compressed data rate up to 750 MB/s

·       Greater reliability, with an increase in the tape head channel count from 16 to 32

Earlier this year, Spectra Logic initiated an industry-exclusive, LTO-7 pre-purchase program allowing Spectra Logic customers to buy LTO-6 tape drives for use until LTO-7 drives are made available. These customers can exchange LTO-6 tape drives, at no additional charge, for next generation LTO-7 technology when available.


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