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Simulink Code Inspector

MathWorks has introduced Simulink Code Inspector, which facilitates the review of source code generated from Simulink models. Aerospace engineers can now use Simulink Code Inspector to create detailed model-to-code and code-to-model inspection reports that help satisfy source code verification and traceability objectives specified in DO-178B Table A-5.

Traditionally, verifying code against requirements is a time-consuming and error-prone process that requires manually reviewing code line-by-line against a project checklist. Simulink Code Inspector uses an automated process to verify the generated code’s structure against its model. This process checks for structural equivalency by systematically comparing the blocks, parameters, and settings used in a model against the operations, operators, and data in the generated code.

Simulink Code Inspector also produces verification and traceability reports that can be reviewed, archived, and shared with certification authorities, dramatically reducing verification time and cost. With Simulink Code Inspector, engineers prepare models for code inspection by using a specific subset of Simulink blocks and model parameters commonly used for high-integrity systems. They can then generate and inspect code from the models, and review the inspection and traceability reports.


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