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Simatic IT Unilab

Simatic IT Unilab is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that is fully integrated with ERP, MES, PDM and lab equipment, bridging the gap between lab and production.

Simatic IT Unilab includes instrument connections, equipment and qualification management, and a stability module to setup and manage stability studies. Also included are a certified SAP-QM interface, reporting, advanced web funcionality and integration with Simatic IT (MES) and third party systems. Simatic IT is applicable from single-site implementations with a few users to multi-site, multi-language licenses for companies with thousands of users.

Simatic IT Unilab coordinates quality activities at HQ with those of multiple plans and R&D labs, and enforces the use of common QA/QC methods and procedures.

Simatic IT Unilab generates time and cost savings via: improved lab efficiency; reduced administrative tasks and errors; better decision support and management by exception; reduced scrap and rework; enforcement of corporate QA/QC procedures; easy and fast roll-out to other plants; and reduced TCO for quality systems.


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