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Seahorse Scientific Workbench

Based on the AnIML (Analytical Information Markup Language) data standard Seahorse Scientific Workbench is a software suite for capturing, analysing and sharing laboratory data from any analytical technique. Highlighted at Pittcon 2011, the software has an intuitive workflow-driven navigation model that enables users to explore samples and experiments, as well as the material and data flow. Experiments can be opened as needed and organised in a side-by-side view for easier data comparison and interpretation. Analytical data can be structured in any granularity and all method parameters and instrument settings can be recorded.

Seahorse works with all of BSSN Software's AnIML Converters, which enables raw instrument data files to be used transparently in workflows – without the need to open the original instrument software. This also works with a variety of standard file formats. For each individual type of experiment, users graphically choose the data they want to propagate to other data systems. Once configured, the data travels through a single standardised interface, eliminating integration projects for new instruments. Seahorse can also be connected to LIMS and ELNs.

With Dynamic Document Streaming technology, users can work with AnIML documents larger than the physical memory in their computers. The data is incrementally streamed to the application, meaning that gigabyte-sized documents open quickly regardless of whether they are stored on a local computer or remote repository.


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