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Ruro launches LimitLIS

Ruro has announced the launch of its new laboratory information system (LIS), limitLIS. The new software platform combines all the features of existing LIS systems with optimised performance and unparalleled ease of use.

Ruro CEO Vladimir Lebedev stated: ‘LimitLIS sets a new standard of quality for LIS software – it is fully integratable, tuned for the user experience, and built for the Cloud. In a word, LimitLIS is modern. Through its polished client and patient portals and seamless billing, EMR and instrument integration, LimitLIS gives laboratory businesses around the world a swift track to comprehensive operational enhancement.’

RURO designed LimitLIS to address key deficiencies common amongst LIS solutions. Chief among these are lack of ease-of-use and high cost. LimitLIS is built on the Limfinity framework, which has built a reputation for performance and navigable user experience. Rigorously designed and tested using RURO’s ISO 9001 accredited software development lifecycle, the Limfinity framework provides a proven foundation for LimitLIS.

The differences between a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and a LIS (Laboratory Information System) are subtle but important. LIS solutions are best suited for clinical testing, while LIMS solutions are designed for research, environmental and manufacturing applications. LIS solutions store medical test data and manage medical test processes, whereas LIMS solutions generally manage bench work and other research processes such as sequencing, drug development and many others.

A large number of LIS solutions require users to refresh their browser after data entry, enter data twice, enter instrument results manually and otherwise modify, rethink or slow down the way they work. Furthermore, a separate platform is often required for Client or Patient portal deployment. All of these are symptoms of old or ineffective design.

There are a few LIS solutions that provide adequate usability, but none do so at an affordable price. Users are forced to choose between price and experience. This is something that RURO set out to change with LimitLIS. To relieve the stress of finding an affordable LIS, RURO has provided transparent pricing on

RURO believes that ease of use is key to the success of a LIS. Software should not simply capture data, it should make laboratory operations run smoother. Below, read more about how LimitLIS provides an excellent user experience.


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