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Repositive initiates partnership with Xpressomics

Repositive, a software company developing novel tools to improve access to human genomic research data, has announced a deal with Xpressomics, a genes expression search engine.

This is the latest partnership Repositive has secured for their genomic data access platform, which is currently in beta testing. The addition of the Xpressomics collection of curated and high-quality expression data further increases the number of searchable data repositories on the Repositive platform, making Repositive the one-stop portal for finding and accessing human genomic data from across the world.

Xpressomics is a gene expression search engine which allows users to search a huge array of raw research data from DNA experiments, most of which have not yet been published. The search engine pulls data from thousands of public data sets including GEO, Array Express, Japanese Toxicogenomic Project, Connectivity Map and Drug Matrix. In this partnership, Repositive will have index all the Xpressomics data sets to make them easily findable and accessible to the genomics research community.

Fiona Nielsen, CEO of Repositive said: “This is a very exciting time for Repositive and another key milestone in our mission to identify, index and and make accessible the world’s genomic research data for human disease. More data equates to better research and we are thrilled to have Xpressomics data incorporated into our platform.”

Hendrik Luuk, CTO of Xpressomics said: “This partnership with Repositive is a great opportunity for us to increase exposure of our data and services to the genomic research community. Our aim is to better serve the needs of as many as researchers as possible who are working with expression data, and Repositive gives us this reach.”

The partnership with Xpressomics significantly expands Repositive’s collection of easily accessible free datasets of various types of genomic data and Repositive’s growing user community is set to gain access to even more research data. Repositive now has partnerships with a range of organisations providing datasets including the BGI supported GigaScience. The company recently secured a fundraising round of £500,000, which will be used to develop the Repositive platform for enterprise users and expand the range of services currently available.


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