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Rental Instrument Interfacing Service

QSI has released a Rental Instrument Interfacing Service that enables WinLims Rental customers to interface their instruments to their WinLims systems.

Instrument interfacing provides numerous benefits for most laboratories, including greatly reducing the requirement for manual results entry and eliminating transcription errors.

The QSI Rental Instrument Interfacing Service enables single and bi-directional instrument interfaces to be fully configured for the customer’s instrument types for as little as £30 per month per instrument type. Using the service a company with five gas chromatography systems of the same type and model would only need to pay £30 per month to cover all five instruments.

WinLims Rental is identical to QSI’s full WinLims system, and comes bundled with an installation program and tutorials to get users up and running as quickly and easily as possible. The rental agreements can be converted to a subscription contract or full purchase at any time, keeping an organisation’s options open. 

The company also offers a Rental Customisation Service to give WinLims Rental customers a cost-effective way of tailoring QSI’s WinLims ‘out of the box’ solution to meet their specific information management requirements.


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