Xtreme Compute Technologies (XCT) has announced the availability of its r-BriX line of FPGA-accelerated systems using advanced co-processing hardware from Stone Ridge Technology. The range provides additional and complementary HPC flexibility to XCT's a-BriX line of GPU-accelerated products.

‘XCT brings a seasoned team of HPC experts who have recognised the persistent role that co-processors such as GPU's and FPGA's are playing and will continue to play in the HPC market,’ said Vincent Natoli, president of Stone Ridge Technology. ‘The r-BriX line of products uses our latest FPGA hardware and will have a dramatic impact on performance for applications in Bioinformatics.’

Available configurations include:

  • 1u rackmount, single PCIe x16/Gen2 connection, 850W PSU, supporting up to two Stone Ridge FPGA processing boards.
  • 2u rackmount, dual PCIe x16/Gen2 connections, dual 850W PSU's, supporting up to four Stone Ridge FPGA processing boards.
  • SideCar deskside tower, single PCIe x16/Gen2 connection, 750W PSU, supporting up to three Stone Ridge FPGA processing boards.
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