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QpiAI announces AI-enabled platform for quantum computing

An Indian-based software company has introduced a new platform to support the development of room temperature Qubits and help scientists more easily control quantum computing systems. 

The QpiAI platform will integrate the Trion SoC onto the QpiAISense platform. Trion will be a gateway for hybrid Classical-Quantum compute software development and application. Current applications which run on QpiAISense will runn smoothly with both the AI20P001 and Trion integration of QpiAISense.

QpiAI begins deployment of QpiAISense room temperature Qubit controller platform, which has native ML acceleration capability to control various qubits types including Superconducting, Spin and Ion-traps.

QpiAISense platform is thoroughly tested with Real world application like logistics, Finance, materials discovery, AI/ML applications via interfacing with QpiAI-Quantum software libraries. ML acceleration is the key differentiator to tune the Qubits continuously and to ensure high performance and lower operational error of the qubits

In the near future, QPIAIsense will integrate Optimisation processor (QpiAI Trion) and AI processor based on silicon photonics (QpiSemi AI20P001). This offers up to 8000 ToPs/W of ML acceleration capability for tuning and analytics on 1024+ logical qubits (millions of physical Qubits) and support AI and quantum applications

Dr Nagendra Nagaraja, CEO and Founder of QpiAI, suggested, ‘This is a very important milestone for QpiAI. We got our Quantum compute platform correct and it is scalable. QpiAISense will be base platform on which we will deploy future hardware technologies, as well as software development. As we evolve into logical 1024 qubits (millions of physical qubits), we have all components to accelerate Quantum adoptions and enable our customers to reap the benefits of Quantum advancement. Our customers will be well supported with our technology roadmap to provide them with technology security to solve their domain problems confidently. QpiAI will be shipping QpiAISense starting September-2022 to key customers and partners globally and will provide them with all updates we will come up with related to AI and Quantum technologies in coming years.’



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