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Qlucore Omics Explorer 2.3

The latest version of Qlucore’s data analysis software has been released. In addition to providing researchers with instant and simultaneous access to a larger set of multiple plots, Qlucore Omics Explorer 2.3 features enhanced and faster integration when sharing large sets of data, as well as more flexible options for ordering and visualising larger heatmaps using less memory. New box plots, line plots and histogram plots have also been developed to help researchers visualise, explore and analyse a wider range of integrated high-dimensional data sets interactively and in real-time. 

Enhancements have also been made to the data import functionality of Qlucore Omics Explorer 2.3, with a new, flexible data import wizard that enables a wide range of data to be imported from a variety of devices and platforms. It is now also possible to directly import Affymetrix CEL files. Further upgrades include a faster hierarchical clustering algorithm that consumes less memory, facilitating instant clustering with several thousand variables, and a more flexible scatter plot function, allowing both variables and samples to be plotted freely.


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