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Phast 3D explosion software module

DVN has released its Phast 3D explosion software module. The software examines the progress of a potential explosion from the initial release of hazardous substances to far-field dispersion including flammable and toxic effects. The analyses take numerous parameters into consideration including variables such as wind direction and speed.

The explosion software features detailed vapour cloud explosion (VCE) modelling, which explicitly considers the interaction of the flammable cloud and identified regions of congestion and confinement in three dimensions. This results in more realistic assessment of blast potential.

A second feature of the software is support for the development of combined hazard contours associated with a range of scenarios, weathers and outcome types. And a final feature is the consideration of directional effects. Wind direction influences the magnitude of the resulting hazard as well as the potential for interaction between a dispersing flammable cloud and regions of congestion and confinement. The ability to place emphasis on directions of interest helps improve understanding of these influences.

Phast 3D Explosions can be used in a number of applications, including occupied building analysis, facility siting, escalation assessment, plant layout optimisation, definition of exclusion zones, and in demonstrating regulatory compliance.


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