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Parallel Computing Toolbox/Matlabe Distributed Computing Server update

The MathWorks has introduced new versions of its Matlab parallel computing products. Parallel Computing Toolbox enables users to run applications in up to eight cores, empowering Matlab users to take more advantage of multicore desktop computers without major programming efforts. Matlab Distributed Computing Server now supports Microsoft HPC Server 2008, providing users with access to the most recent enhancements in this cluster environment software. The MathWorks also introduced enhancements to other products in the Matlab and Simulink product families that help users take advantage of advanced hardware systems.

High-end desktop machines are shipping with an ever-expanding number of cores, making them extremely powerful. Parallel Computing Toolbox helps users access the capabilities of their sophisticated hardware. The latest version allows engineers and scientists to easily program parallel applications that make use of the desktop hardware available to them by increasing the number of Matlab sessions that users can run on their desktop computers from four to eight.

Looking beyond the desktop to larger computing resources, The MathWorks support for third-party schedulers, which now includes Microsoft HPC Server 2008, allows cluster administrators to integrate MathWorks parallel computing tools into existing distributed computing environments. Once the application is programmed, users can scale to larger resources, such as clusters and grids, without having to modify the code by relying on Matlab Distributed Computing Server.

The MathWorks also introduced several new features that take advantage of multicore desktops in other products, including Matlab, Simulink Design Optimization, and Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder.


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