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Noesis Solutions, which makes Optimus simulation process integration and parametric design optimisation software, has released a new direct interface for ITI SimulationX software. The interface supports the efficient optimisation of new product designs involving multiphysics system simulation and modelling. Optimus manages the integration of any SimulationX model into a simulation workflow with just a few clicks. Optimus’ data mining consolidates critical engineering knowledge to support smart decision-making, while its automated design-optimisation capabilities lead to better product performance.

The new interface allows Optimus users to direct SimulationX automatically toward feasible design candidates exhibiting optimal multiphysics product performance. Using Optimus, engineers sketch the simulation flow involving SimulationX in a graphical drag-and-drop editor. The new interface’s embedded search engine automatically exposes all parameters of any SimulationX model to Optimus, enabling fast parameterisation of the simulation workflow. Seamless interfacing removes complex file syntax bottlenecks, which frees users from repetitive manual tasks related to model changes, data processing or results evaluation.

State-of-the-art Design of Experiments (DOE) and Response Surface Modelling (RSM) efficiently explore the design space, followed by high-performance design optimisation methods targeting the best-performing candidates for the design of the product. The time savings enable engineers to focus on data mining using Optimus’ powerful post-processing toolset – gaining deeper engineering insight from a rich set of simulation results.


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