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Optimus Revision 8

Noesis Solutions has released Optimus Revision 8, its suite of simulation applications, which now includes an LS-DYNA interface. To cope with each simulation program parameter, the platform and IT architecture dependencies and compliances, as well as the various simulation versions, Optimus Revision 8 has introduced User Customisable Actions (UCA).

The Optimus user interface, already a model of ergonomic clarity, continues to evolve. Besides the persistent plot mechanism, Optimus Revision 8 introduces the post-processing knowledge template. With a single click, knowledge templates automatically create post-processing plots from a template catalog. It is an efficient communication tool to compare engineering results, reached and reviewed by multiple users.

Optimus multi-disciplinary optimisation methods and openness capabilities also continue to develop with new extensions or refinement of existing functionalities. The Adaptive Region optimisation algorithm and User Defined Response Surface API produce noticeable benefits in complex multi-disciplinary engineering design. Finally, the redesign of the overall interface brings an even higher productivity improvement, noticeably the full support of Asian characters throughout Optimus Revision 8.


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