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Optibrium and MolPort to improve speed and cost-efficiency of drug discovery

Optibrium, a developer of software for small molecule design and optimisation, has announced a collaboration with MolPort, a company that develops a comprehensive chemical database, marketplace and order fulfillment platform.

The collaboration offers StarDrop users fully integrated access to MolPort’s drug discovery database of 6.3 million commercially available screening compounds and chemical building blocks via its curated collection of catalogues from major chemical suppliers. The latest in a series of recent partnerships with commercial providers, this link with MolPort further extends StarDrop’s capabilities to improve the speed, efficiency, and productivity of the drug discovery process. 

MolPort specialises in the sourcing, and effective single supplier access, of chemicals for drug discovery. From a collection of curated catalogues from all major suppliers, MolPort has created a marketplace and order fulfilment platform for commercially available chemistries which includes 6.7 million high-throughput screening (HTS) compounds. 

StarDrop users can access the MolPort database to quickly search for commercially available screening compounds and reagents. The free link enables users to not only look for exact chemical matches but also select compounds based on similarity to the chemistry of interest.  This provides an invaluable tool for chemists to easily enrich their understanding of structure–activity relationships (SAR) in a project’s chemistry. MolPort’s compound search results are presented directly in StarDrop, where its capabilities for analysis of SAR and compound optimisation guide the selection of compounds with an improved chance of success.

Dr Matthew Segall, CEO of Optibrium, commented: ‘We are pleased to be working with MolPort in our latest collaboration with leading providers in drug discovery and wider chemistry fields. MolPort specialises in sourcing large numbers of chemicals from an array of large and the more niche suppliers and StarDrop users can now benefit from seamless access to some 6.3 million screening compounds and building blocks.’

Dr Imants Zudans, CEO of MolPort said: ‘Over 85 per cent of product inventory listed in the MolPort database is synchronised daily with suppliers. StarDrop users gain direct access to these up-to-date data and can have a very high degree of confidence that all samples can be ordered immediately from MolPort, reducing design-test cycle times.’


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