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Open-E DSS V7

Open-E, a leader in standards-based enterprise storage software systems, Avago Technologies, a designer, developer and supplier of analog, digital, mixed signal and optoelectronics components, and AIC, a provider of OEM/ODM server and storage solutions, jointly announced the availability of Open-E DSS V7 using Avago Syncro shared storage controllers.

The Open-E development team, in collaboration with Avago Technologies and AIC, is expanding Open-E’s leadership position in High Availability (HA) for small-to-medium business and enterprise (SMB and SME) customers by integrating Open-E DSS V7 with Avago Storage powered by LSI and the AIC HA401-CP2 cluster-in-a-box solution. The newly released Open-E DSS V7 with Avago Syncro Solution enables IT departments to easily implement Fibre Channel or iSCSI HA active-active clusters with high capacity, high performance, and redundancy at half the storage cost of traditional active-active failover solutions. The software is now available through Open-E’s channel partners.

“With Open-E DSS V7 with Avago Syncro Solution, channel partners can now build a Fibre Channel or iSCSI active-active dual controller SAN for the first time," said Krzysztof Franek, CEO and president of Open-E. “By combining our innovative software with state-of-the-art technology, systems, and engineering from Avago Storage powered by LSI and AIC, customers can now store up to half a petabyte of storage with a white box commodity server in an HA implementation, insulating their applications, operating systems, and data from server and drive failures.”

“The combination of Open-E DSS V7 software with Avago Syncro High Availability and AIC hardware delivers a powerful storage solution that offers many benefits to IT departments including enterprise-class failover, substantially lower implementation cost, high-class redundancy and easier system manageability,” continued Jas Tremblay, vice president of marketing, Data Center Solutions Group, Avago. “We are pleased to collaborate with the teams at Open-E and AIC to help drive storage that meets the demands of this growing market.”

CT Sun, chief architect of AIC concluded, “The demands for storage and workloads are increasing more than ever. Business and enterprise need solutions that deliver high availability, high performance, scalability and ease of management. Unfortunately, these features are either not delivered all-in-1 or are costly to own. AIC’s HA401-CP2 is a server platform that supports active-active topology, remote management and provides scalability for storage. Thanks to technologies from our strategic partners Avago Technologies and Open-E, the HA401-CP2 can be configured as an active-active Fiber Channel and iSCSI appliance and is scalable for extra storage. Such a solution is not only ready to be deployed but is also easy to set up."

Additional benefits of the software are improved throughput from Multi-path I/O (MPIO) doubling the bandwidth; improved random IO performance when implementing a SSD caching option of the LSI Syncro storage controller; dramatic reduction in power consumption and heat generation by halving the number of drives needed for local HA solutions.


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