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O3Lims & O3LimsXpress

Bytewize has released version 4.3 of its LIMS systems, O3Lims and O3LimsXpress. The systems are constantly developing and customers are automatically updated to the latest version without any extra cost.

In version 4.3 it is possible to configure the system to automatically send status mails to the laboratory's customers as the sample passes certain defined steps in the testing-process. Bytewize says the statistical tool has been improved and it is now possible to filter samples both on a customer and instrument level.

The company has also developed a filtering function so that laboratories can exclude samples that differ from the normal time that it takes handling a sample.

The systems now also support 'quick invoicing'. In 4.3, laboratories can choose to progress/transfer/pass on samples in the invoicing-process without first tying them to a specific customer.

Bytewize says this simplifies the process, especially for consulting laboratories that, for example, have fixed prices for certain sample packages and therefore want to transfer the invoices to the next step in the process.


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