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Northwest Analytics, of Portland, Oregon, has launched NWA Focus EMI, a next-generation enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) solution that provides full integration of data sources and real-time process analytics and visibility.

Available from Adept Scientific, of Letchworth, UK, this software product greatly improves how users accumulate and disseminate knowledge across the entire enterprise, its manufacturer says – as well as increasing collaboration across geographically dispersed manufacturing operations to pinpoint and quickly resolve issues and share best practices.

The first market-driven EMI solution, NWA Focus EMI supports all commercial databases. It delivers a unique approach to data integration by directly accessing data where it ‘lives’, combining data from multiple sources and applying analytics in real time to support and drive operational decisions. The system-wide KnowledgeBase module consolidates process, quality and problem-solving knowledge in a single, discoverable database, so that knowledge and best practices are easily shared across plant and global operations.

The cloud-based collaboration module quickly communicates expertise and experience across the enterprise to solve critical production issues. Text, graphics, pictures, documents and video content can be seamlessly integrated for easier communication of complex issues. This ensures the right people have the right information and context to solve pressing manufacturing issues quickly, saving time, money and resources.

'NWA Focus EMI delivers complete data integration with a ubiquitous analytics layer that delivers real-time process visibility across a single line or plant, or across the entire enterprise,' said Peter Guilfoyle, vice-president of marketing for Northwest Analytics.


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