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Nvidia Quadro 6000

NextComputing has announced the immediate availability of the Nvidia Quadro 6000 by PNY professional graphics solution. The latest and most powerful of Nvidia’s professional-class graphics processing units (GPUs), the Quadro 6000 has been built on the company’s Fermi architecture and features a total of 448 Nvidia Cuda processing cores, as well as a substantial 6GB frame buffer with GDDR5 ECC RAM.  

Rated at 1.3 billion triangles per second in raw performance, the flagship unit combines workstation-class performance with laptop-like mobility for users who need to run demanding applications in the field. With a broad range of applications, features include Digital Content Creation and CAD - with performance unattainable in a laptop, 3D animators and designers now have a convenient, powerful, portable system that can also serve as their primary creation workstation. 

‘The Quadro 6000 represents the pinnacle of GPU horsepower for both the visualisation and technical computing markets,’ says Jeff Brown, general manager of the Professional Solutions Group at Nvidia. ‘With this kind of performance available in a portable system, professionals can run their most demanding software in diverse locations away from a typical office environment.’


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