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Nucleus RM

NextComputing has expanded its line of high-density rack-mount computing products with the introduction of Nucleus RM. Based on the company’s small form-factor Nucleus series tower workstations and servers, Nucleus RM provides a combination of fast processing, storage and I/O, but in less space than traditional rack-mount servers. The series consists of two small form-factor 3U products, each 20 inches deep, with either front-facing or rear-facing I/O. Both versions feature dual quad-core or six-core Intel Xeon processors, or single Intel Core i7 processor, and up to 288GB DDR3 memory.

Nucleus RM Front I/O features forward-facing motherboard I/O ports, optional dual 2.5-inch removable hard drives, DVD/RW drive and up to seven front-access PCI slots. This design is suited to situations that require connectivity on the front panel such as military vehicle systems or telco servers. AC or DC input 2+1 redundant power is still available from the rear of the chassis.

Nucleus RM Rear I/O offers more traditional back-panel I/O access for up to seven PCI slots and either AC or DC input 2+1 redundant power. Optional DVD/RW drive and dual 2.5-inch removable hard drives are available from the front of the chassis.


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