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NGS Collection for Pipeline Pilot

Accelrys has entered the next generation sequencing (NGS) market with the release of the NGS Collection for Pipeline Pilot. The NGS Collection, together with Accelrys’ Pipeline Pilot data pipelining software, provide genomics researchers, bioinformaticians, and information technologists with the tools required to simplify NGS application development, to integrate and automate NGS data processing, and to accelerate the analysis and interpretation of the huge volumes of data generated by current DNA sequencing instruments.

The Pipeline Pilot NGS Collection enables genomics research groups to better comprehend and assess the massive, complex datasets encountered in today’s dynamic NGS research landscape. As with all Pipeline Pilot Collections, the NGS Collection couples a simple drag-and-drop, visual programming environment with powerful algorithmic, data management, and visualisation components. A wide selection of popular algorithms is available, including methods for de novo assembly, mapping reads to reference sequences, identifying polymorphisms and structural variants, measuring RNA expression levels, and identifying transcription factor binding sites.

The Pipeline Pilot NGS Collection supports for Pipeline Pilot’s own distributed processing system as well as third-party systems such as Platform LSF, Altair PBS, and Oracle Grid Engine. The system also supports native data formats from all major sequencing platforms including those from Illumina, Life Technologies SOLiD, Roche/454, and others.


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