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Nexxis TM

Labtronics has enhanced Nexxis iLAB, its integrated laboratory solution, with the introduction of Nexxis TM (Training Manager), a web-based training management solution that introduces new levels of automation, control and integration to all aspects of employee training and training management.

Nexxis TM can automatically prevent analysts from executing tests and procedures if they aren't properly trained. Training courses can be created online in minutes, and automatically graded providing proof that training was completed and measuring how successful the trainee was. Results from the training courses are automatically stored in Nexxis TM, where they can be easily accessed during reviews, inspections and audits.

On its own, Nexxis TM gives all organisations an easy-to-use, web-based, automated solution that efficiently manages employee training requirements and provides laboratory management with real proof that training took place and that the training goals were achieved.

As part of the Nexxis iLAB solution, Nexxis TM delivers a completely new level of training management where training requirements and training activities are fully integrated with everyday laboratory procedures.


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