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NAG numerical library

The Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) has announced new functionality added to its numerical library for C and C++ programmers. The new functionality included at Mark 24 of the NAG C Library brings the number of available functions to over 1,500, all of which are documented and include extensions in the areas of optimisation, wavelet transforms, time series analysis, random number generators, correlation and regression analysis, statistics and hypergeometric functions.

The new NAG C Library contains additional functions that have been added in response to customer requests, and further enhancements contributed by NAG’s developers and collaborators.

The inherent flexibility of the mathematical and statistical functions in the NAG C Library enable it to be used across multiple programming languages, environments and operating systems including Excel, Java, Microsoft .NET, Python, Visual Basic and many more. Some of the benefits of the new NAG library include:

  • Highly detailed documentation giving background information and function specification. In addition it guides users, via decision trees, to the right function to solve their problem

  • Expert Support Service direct from NAG’s algorithm development team – if users need help, NAG’s development team are on hand to offer assistance.

  • Example programs are included in the Library to help users get started with its functions. If a specific example program requires any input data a helpful expected results file is available.


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