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Bull has launched myVMBox, a bespoke virtualisation solution designed for public and private sector organisations who want to rationalise their IT infrastructures and applications cost-effectively, using VMware.

To make it easier to implement virtualised solutions, myVMBox configurations are completely pre-integrated before leaving the factory, which helps to reduce the time taken to deploy these kinds of infrastructures – as well as the costs involved – by a factor of ten. Industrial integration of these configurations enhances overall infrastructure reliability and makes support and maintenance operations easier to carry out.

Installation, parameter setting and optimisation of the solution are all customised for each customer and carried out by engineers from Bull Services who have unique experience in complex infrastructures.

myVMBox is a bespoke solution, built to order depending on each customer's requirements using Bull NovaScale servers, Bull StoreWay storage, VMware Infrastructure, and a systems administration platform supporting VMware vCentre and Bull System Manager. The entire solution can be configured according to the profile of the applications to be virtualised and the amount of data involved, and can also form an integral part of a Disaster Recovery Plan.