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Multisim 10.0

National Instruments has released Multisim 10.0 and Ultiboard 10.0, the latest versions of its interactive Spice simulation and circuit analysis software used for schematic capture, interactive simulation, board layout and integrated testing.

The combination of National Instruments Multisim 10.0 circuit simulation software and LabVIEW measurement software allows engineers to easily compare simulated and real-world data, resulting in fewer design iterations, reduced prototyping errors and shorter time to market. Engineers can use Multisim 10.0 to interactively build circuit schematics and simulate circuit behaviour. The software provides easy access to Spice simulation making it particularly useful in electronics education.

Multisim 10.0 and Ultiboard 10.0 contain many new features and an enhanced component database for advanced simulation, making it suitable for a wider range of users. The component database includes more than 1,200 new components and more than 500 new Spice models from leading vendors such as Analog Devices, Linear Technology and Texas Instruments, as well as more than 100 new switch-mode power supply models.

National Instruments Ultiboard 10.0 provides an easy-to-use and intuitive platform to lay out and route PCB designs. The entire layout process, from placement to copper routing, is completed in a flexible design environment that optimises speed and control. NI Ultiboard 10.0 includes significant speed improvements when placing and moving components and laying copper traces.


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